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Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.

Million Solar Rooftop PVs

1. Missions
Bureau of Energy (BOE) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) established the promotion office of “Million Rooftop PVs Program” on March 28, 2012 to administer the promotion businesses. The Million Rooftop PVs Promotion office administer two main missions: (1)Foster PV-friendly environment in Taiwan、(2)Assist governments and industries in promoting PV installed capacity of 6,200 MW by 2030.
The establishment of the promotion office is for the integration of related resources for harnessing renewable energy and providing professional assistance to resolve barriers which hindering the installation of renewable energy generation systems. The promotion office will provide total solutions for local renewable energy businesses, city and county governments, and system installation contractors in the utilization of renewable energy.

2. Goal
392MW accumulated PV capacity had been established until 2013, and PV installation target will be revised to reach 602MW by 2014, 842MW by 2015, 2120 MW by 2020, 4,100MW by 2025, and 6200MW by 2030.
The government’s PV development targets are illustrated in the following table:

Year 2015 2020 2025 2030
accumulated PV capacity
842 2,120 4,100 6,200

3. Measures
The measures to be adopted include simplifying application procedures, loosening bidding limitations, promoting the installation of renewable energy power generation systems in cooperation with municipal, county, and local governments, and establishing renewable energy communities. The "Million Rooftop PVs Program" will adopt PV-ESCO (Photovoltaic-Energy Service Company) business model by providing capital financing to local system integrators and installers gaining profits from reasonable whole-sale pricing. This new business model, PV-ESCO, will bring about financing, insurance, and logistics support to promote the development of solar power generation industry.
In 2013, in an attempt to mobilize local governments in promoting solar communities, the MOEA promulgated the "MOEA Solar Community Subsidy Guidelines". All local governments can apply for subsidies when the solar PV systems include 10 households and the total installed capacity reaches 50kW in their respective jurisdictions. Local governments can receive NTD 200,000 in grants for each application that reaches 50kW in capacity. Meanwhile, solar PV system installers can also receive subsidies for the costs incurred from connecting their solar power systems to the utility grid.
To simplify the PV application processes, a "Solar PV Installation Communication Platform" meeting will be convened regularly to simplify solar PV system-grid connection applications and solve related issues. Efforts will also be made towards establishing registries for certified PV inverters and PV module components. Such measure was presented to encourage the domestic PV system industry to aim towards high product quality and power performance.
Southern Taiwan owns the sunny and cloudless feature which is suitable to develop PV power generation. To strengthen assistance with southern local government, BOE established the southern Taiwan promotion office of “Million Rooftop PVs Promotion Program” on March 23, 2013 in Southern Taiwan Innovation & Research Park, MOEA. The goals of southern Taiwan promotion office are to provide public consultation service including PV technical setup information, and financing for PV installation and finally to accelerate the development of PV energy service industry.

Update: 2014-09-09
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