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45 Enterprises and Schools Win 2017 Outstanding Energy Saving Performance Award
Date: 2017-11-24
The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) selected the winners for 2017 Outstanding Energy Saving Performance Award on October 26. 45 enterprises and schools which promote energy education were awarded. It is estimated that 66 thousand kiloliter oil equivalent (KLOE) were saved, which is equivalent to the reduction of NTD 460 million in energy expenditures and 180 thousand tons in CO2 emissions (i.e. annual carbon absorption of 462.6 Daan Forest Parks).

In the category of outstanding enterprises, the third rolling mill of China Steel Corporation (CSC) saved energy by replacing old equipment, recycling waste energy and improving manufacturing processes. In addition, the measures of time of use pricing and demand bidding programs during summer months, using steel which save energy, off-shore wind power, PV installation along with other effective measures are adopted.

Dajia Division of Kuang Tien General Hospital (KTGH) counted all electrical equipment and gradually phased out less energy efficient equipment under the superintendents support. During summer months, partitioned the provision areas of  air-conditioning cooling piping systems to increase the efficiency of air conditioners and adopting the airtight windows reflecting the sun to reduce unnecessary ACs power consumption. KTGH has actively practiced multiple energy saving measures without affecting the quality of medical services.  

It is also worth mentioning that the small-scale factory of Tenno Rice in Hualian won the silver prize in the category of small and medium industry. In addition to replacing old rice mills, drying rice and grain is completed by the heat source produced from the rice husk furnace rather than combustion of diesel fuel.

In the aspect of energy education, the MOEA has offered prizes to 215 junior high schools and primary schools in total since 1999. These schools are awarded for the remarkable performances in promoting energy education.  

The winners of gold prizes are Xing Ya Elementary School(Taipei City), Jhang Sing Elementary School(Nantou County) and Shingchia Elementary School(Chiayi County) respectively. Xing Ya Elementary School systematically compiled the knowledge of energy equipment to teaching materials for the students in all grades, such as the introduction to battery energy storage system and the power generation efficiency of adjustable PV. The energy issues are also discussed in classes.

Jhang Sing Elementary School is the center for energy education in Nantou County. The efforts have been made to organize educational activities with various approaches, including the experiences interaction and the promotion of teaching plans or modules. It takes the lead and induces other schools in power saving actions.

As an energy-saving school, Shingchia Elementary School does not only produce  energy to sustain the electricity usage on campus itself but also analyze energy data and explore a feasible strategy for saving power. The students can realize the positive influences on energy conservation through practical operation.

The Bureau of Energy (BOE) stated that 25 enterprises and 20 schools with excellent performances in energy saving were selected from 107 enterprises and 51 schools. The winners shall be awarded in the ceremony and share their successful experiences with the public.

Last but not least, the activity was expected to disseminate the effects and bring the publics attention to energy saving by competition, awards and demonstrations so that a win-win situation between the economic development and sustainable environment can be achieved.

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