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What's New

Phase 2 for the Collaborative Formulation of Energy Transition White Paper was Launched
Date: 2017-12-07
The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has officially launched Phase 2 of Energy Transition White Paper today (Oct. 5).

The MOEA stated that the Energy Transition White Paper emphasizes the principles of citizen participation and collaboration. The formulation is proceeded in three phases, including:  

1.Phase 1 (preliminary conference): The collection of ideas from citizens have been completed by August 9, 2017. Six hundred and five suggestions in total have been compiled and some comments were also sorted by relevant departments for the following promotion. In particular, comments with deeply concerned and innovative items have been focused on two new key projects, including Energy conservation goals and roadmap planning, Promotion of community power, are also summarized and organized for the follow-up discussion.

2.Phase 2 (collaboration): Five task forces (energy governance, energy conservation, electricity, new and renewable energy, green energy industry and technologies) are set up by fields. Each task force is composed of experts from industries, government, academia, research institutions, and private sectors in collaboration on the concrete content. Also, online opinions will be solicited in a successive manner.

3.Phase 3 (citizen dialogue): The first draft of the White Paper formulated in Phase 2 will proceed to group and citizen consensus conference in this phase so as to expand the dialogues with the citizens.

The MOEA explained that in Phase 2, the task forces aim to validate the public suggestions collected from the preliminary conference and the key projects. To fully present the perspectives, the task forces are comprised of experts from the government, industry, academia, research institutions, and civil organizations. Currently each of the five task forces (energy governance, energy conservation, electricity, new and renewable energy and green energy industry and technologies) comprises 12 members and has successively convened the task briefings starting today followed by actual discussion.  

Finally, the MOEA emphasized that the list of members in task forces and the information related to conference discussion will be posted on the website of the Energy Transition White Paper (http://energywhitepaper.tw). The conference will also be videotaped and transcript will be provided so that the concerned public can have access to the discussion. The first draft of the key projects formulated in phase 2 will also be posted on the website with solicitation of public suggestions. The MOEA is looking forward to creating a collaborative atmosphere of inter-ministerial and civil efforts in hope of improving the development planning for Taiwan's energy transition and establishing a paragon for citizen participation in policy formulation.

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